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Snog (Coming of age)

This is England meets The Florida Project

A young and naive Jehovah's witness spends the summer with his estranged father on a diverse council estate. Inspired by a newfound love for 80s movies, he chases his first kiss but is hindered by a street-wise local bully who is being absused at home.

*Academy Nicholl Fellowship Semi-Finalist

*Screencraft Finalist

*Page Awards Quarter-Finalist

*Download One Page Pitch HERE

Pig (Crime/Romance)

Layer Cake meets True Romance

A tough, old-skool policewoman works undercover to bring down gangster #1. However, the case hits a snag when she falls in love with her mark, whilst London's underworld prepare for battle around them.

*Page Awards Quarter-Finalist

*Shore Scripts Quarter-Finalist

*Screencraft Semi-Finalist

Dogbite (Action/Modern Western)

Desperado meets Commando

Looking for a fresh start, an ex-con with a violent past moves his family to Small Town, New Mexico. When their paths cross with a sadistic local, all hell breaks loose leading him down a familiar path of violence and retribution.

*Screencraft Quarter-Finalist

*Screenwriting Goldmine Quarter-Finalist

Allow Me To Introduce Yourself (Drama)

Trainspotting meets The Intouchables

A drug addict and a business man form an unlikely bond through a mutual love for music. They begin to rely on each other for guidance as their usual, mundane lives begin to spiral out of control.

*Debut feature script


Gwentboys (6-part Comedy)

Pheonix Nights meets The Office

A delusional nightclub owner with a bad reputation attempts to reform and reintroduce the semi-successful 90's boyband 'Xcite', the only problem is they weren't that good the first time around and the band members all hate him.

*Final-Read Stage BBC Writersroom Comedy Script Call.

* All six episodes ready to go.

*Download episode one HERE

Ordinary Joe (6-part Comedy)

Only Fools & Horses meets Breaking Bad

Based on an 'Urban Myth' a habitual loser masquerades as a car park attendant at the local zoo, defrauding both the popular attraction and the local council. Whilst trying to keep his fraud a secret, he has to resist the meddling of a jobsworth councillor, whilst working to earn enough cash to keep his mother in an expensive nursing home.

*Written by Paul Holbrook, Amy Traveskus & Joe Sims

*In development with Fudge Park & Super Best Quality Video Productions


Mamba (Body-Horror)

An ageing journeyman boxer obsessed with winning takes a performance-enhancing drug which causes terrifying changes to his mind and body as he moves up the ranks.

*iShorts 2016 project - Final-Round

*Screencraft Film Fund Quarter-Finalist

*Shore Film Fund Finalist

White Sheet (Drama)

Two lifelong, octogenarian friends and war veterans are harassed by a local thug, eventually pushed to their limits resulting in 'old skool' retribution mirroring their secretive and dark past in the services.

*Shore Scripts Semi-Finalist

Peter & The Incredibley Grotesque Monster With Two Disgusting Faces (Family)

A child with a unique and colourful imagination sets out to banish the beasts he overhears his two-faced mother talking of, only to realise they are not as beastly as he thought.

*Full Read Stage BBC Writersroom

Tokyo Night Drive (Drama)

A grieving fantasist working as a substitute teacher in Japan becomes infatuated with one of his troubled teenage pupils. As his obsession intensifies the line between reality and fantasy blur, resulting in kidnap and violence.

Sub Rosa (Drama)

A trainee social worker shadows her overworked senior on a concerning home visit to a struggling single mother. The situation unravels to reveal darker issues beneath the surface that bring home just how hard the job can be in the current climate.

The Saturday After (Slice of Life)

An uncle and his impressionable young nephew spend their Saturdays religiously gambling but their relationship becomes strained when a playful bet for £1000 needs to be honoured if the uncle is to practice what he preaches.

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