Snog (Coming of age)

This is England meets The Florida Project

A young and naive Jehovah's witness spends the summer with his estranged father on a diverse council estate. Inspired by a newfound love for 80s movies, he chases his first kiss but is hindered by a street-wise local bully who is being absused at home.

*Academy Nicholl Fellowship Semi-Finalist

*Screencraft Finalist

*Page Awards Quarter-Finalist

*Download One Page Pitch HERE

Pig (Crime/Romance)

Layer Cake meets True Romance

A tough, old-skool policewoman works undercover to bring down gangster #1. However, the case hits a snag when she falls in love with her mark, whilst London's underworld prepare for battle around them.

*Page Awards Quarter-Finalist

*Shore Scripts Quarter-Finalist

*Screencraft Semi-Finalist

Dogbite (Action/Modern Western)

Desperado meets Commando

Looking for a fresh start, an ex-con with a violent past moves his family to Small Town, New Mexico. When their paths cross with a sadistic local, all hell breaks loose leading him down a familiar path of violence and retribution.

*Screencraft Quarter-Finalist

*Screenwriting Goldmine Quarter-Finalist

Allow Me To Introduce Yourself (Drama)

Trainspotting meets The Intouchables

A drug addict and a business man form an unlikely bond through a mutual love for music. They begin to rely on each other for guidance as their usual, mundane lives begin to spiral out of control.

*Debut feature script


Gwentboys (6-part Comedy Drama)

Pheonix Nights meets The Office

A dillusional nightclub owner attempts to reform and reintroduce the semi-successful 90's boyband 'Xcite', the only problem is they weren't that good the first time around.

*Final-Read Stage BBC Writersroom Comedy Script Call.

* All six episodes ready to go.

*Download episode one HERE


Mamba (Body-Horror)

An ageing journeyman boxer obsessed with winning takes a performance-enhancing drug which causes terrifying changes to his mind and body.

*iShorts 2016 project - Final-Round

*Screencraft Film Fund Quarter-Finalist

*Shore Film Fund Finalist

Old Skool (Urban Drama)

Two lifelong, octogenarian friends and war veterans are harrassed by a local thug, eventually pushed to their limits resulting in 'old skool' retribution mirroring their secretive past in the services.

*Shore Scripts Semi-Finalist

Peter & The Incredibley Grotesque Monster With Two Disgusting Faces (Childrens)

A child with a unique and colourful imagination sets out to banish the beasts he overhears his two-faced mother talking of, only to realise they are not as beastly as he thought.

*Full Read Stage BBC Writersroom

Hollow (Drama)

A grieving mother seeks revenge against the man who killed her son but is unable to find the strength to go through with it. She seeks guidance from a local vicar, a man on-the-edge.

Night Drive (Drama)

A shy fantasist working as a teacher becomes infatuated with one of his teenage pupils. As his obsession intensifies the line between reality and fantasy blur, resulting in kidnap and violence.

Sub Rosa (Drama)

A trainee social worker shadows her overworked senior on a concerning home visit to a struggling single mother. The situation unravels to reveal darker issues beneath the surface that bring home just how hard the job can be in the current climate.

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