*Page Screenwriting Awards 2-time Quarter-Finalist *Shore Scripts Semi-Finalist *Screenwriting Goldmine Quarter-Finalist *Screencraft Quarter-Finalist *Create50 'The Impact' Finalist *Creative England Talent Module 2016 *BBC Writersroom Final Stager *Here Film Fund Commission 2017
*Page Screenwriting Awards 2-time Quarter-Finalist*Shore Scripts Semi-Finalist*Screenwriting Goldmine Quarter-Finalist*Screencraft Quarter-Finalist*Create50 'The Impact' Finalist*Creative England Talent Module 2016*BBC Writersroom Final Stager*Here Film Fund Commission 2017

Paul Holbrook - Screenwriter!

I am a screenwriter based in the wonderful, creative city of Bristol, UK. I write feature-length films in the unforgiving world of the 'spec script' and short films and sketches for my own crazy world of self production.


My chosen industry is ever-changing and forever competitive but my passion for scriptwriting and commitment to engaging, provocative and colourful storytelling continues to thrive.


I have made encouraging progress thus far in my career, making several quarter and semi finals in prestigious screenwriting competitions including Page and Shore as well as industry-backed mentoring through Creative England.


As well as writing 'on spec', I also write/direct and self-produce narrative short films and comedy sketches for my fledgling production company www.shunkfilms.co.uk alongside my long-term writing partner and cousin Sam Dawe. Our films have been selected for and won awards at numerous film festivals around the world.


If we're gonna talk genres; my work usually falls into comedy, action and drama. I aim for my scripts to be rich, vivid and unforgettable whilst always retaining a 'real-world' feel. I am a huge movie fan/buff so my inspiration usually comes from the films I grew up watching (I'm an 80's child).


I'm always happy to share my work, so take a look at the 'scripts available' section and shoot me an e-mail should you want to read any of my stuff or talk further about any of my particular projects. Or indeed ask me any questions. :)


You can always find out a little more about my latest projects over at IMdB too.



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If you have ever wanted to ask me something, anything, then please feel free.

You can also use the below e-mail address to discuss any freelance work, request scripts or just open a line of communication :)



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